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Épandeurs d’éngrais XACiclo continuo AV

Storage des céréales
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Storage des céréales

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The silos manufactured by AGREX are the result of long-dated experience in the field of plant engineering for the agroindustry.

Industrial manufacture, use of high-quality materials, careful choice of the model to manufacture according to the needs of every single customer: all makes these silos a high-quality product with metal panels in structural steel FE S350GD Z350 and external reinforcement studs in composite material; industrial galvanizing Sendzimir, with minimum guaranteed planting of 350/400 grams of zinc and bolting with Dacromet protection guarantee long life of materials, even in highly polluted areas.

Sealing is by means of thermoplastic matter and bolting is matched with PVC washers.

The roof is made of trapezoid gores bolted along the stiffening ribs, 30° gradient; load-bearing capacity and strength over time are guaranteed: they can be also made in Aluzinc on demand. The structural analysis is made according to the standard DIN 1055, while in seismic areas silos are made to special sizes according to law requirements.